Open Adoption: 

Birth parents select an adoptive family from the identified profiles of prospective adoptive families provided by the child placing agency. Birth parents and adoptive parents meet one another, share full identifying information, and have access to ongoing contact after the adoption is consummated.

Semi-open Adoption: 

Is similar to that of an open adoption but the relationship does not include the sharing of identifying information and typically involves the agency as an intermediary for ongoing contact such a correspondence.  There are many benefits to the type of adoption.  It allows parties the ability to get to know one another and share future correspondence for the sake of the child.

Closed Adoption: 

Birth parents select an adoptive family from de-identified profiles of prospective adoptive families provided by the child-placing agency; however, all aspects of the adoption are kept confidential, with no contact between birth and adoptive families.

Designated Adoption: 

A designated adoption is one in which the birth parent(s) designate, or name the prospective adoption family or vice versa.  This is usually done through an intermediary such as a friend or relative.  Such prospective parents have formed a relationship without the assistance of an agency.

Identified Adoption: 

Birth parents and adoptive parents locate one another from outside sources, with the intent to effect an adoption. Thereafter, using the child-placing agency to mediate the placement. Note: It is illegal to solicitant without being a licensed child-placing agency.



Fulfilling Lives… One Heart At A Time

Prospective Adoptive Parent(s)

Couple(s)/Parent(s) – We would like to welcome you to the beginning of a new journey by making, the miracle of building families through adoption.  We understand the frustration, fears and grief you have gone through to arrive at this decision and we ask that you to take a walk of faith with us in making your dreams become a reality.  We want you to know we are committed to assisting you in every step of the way, as you embark on this new exciting journey to parenthood.  Please understand that Child Placement Center’s staff will support and guide you through the adoption process.  We understand that every journey is different and each families experience is unique. Child Placement Center is committed to providing our clients with an adoption experience that is unmatched.  We truly believe that adoption is a loving option!

This Is My Testimony.....

As an adoptive mom I have been given the greatest blessing anyone can receive and I treasure my daughter’s Love every second of every day.  I must admit that the journey leading up to the day she was finally with us was sometimes difficult and challenging, just as most important things in life are, however, once she was placed in my arms all of that was forgotten and she was exactly where she was always meant to be.  I could not love my daughter any more than I do.  She is the center of our universe and all we do is aimed at providing her a life full of happiness and Love.   She gives so much Love in return and she is always happy.  Everyone that comes in contact with her receives Love and affection and she is so special to everyone.  People say that our daughter is so lucky to have us, when actually the opposite is really the truth; we are the ones who are so incredibly lucky and blessed to have her.   

Until you actually experience the blessing of adoption you really don’t know for sure how it’s going to feel.   So, let me just assure you that there is absolutely no difference between being a parent through adoption or child birth (I have both).  The way I feel is that she was always my daughter, she just reached me in a different way.  The bond is so strong and the love is so deep that I find it hard to describe and I wish that people could see inside my heart so they could really understand.  This is my personal testimony as an adoptive mom but my husband feels just the same as I do and so does our son, who is an incredibly devoted brother to his little sister.

I hope you will also have the opportunity to experience this incredible Blessing and Gift of Love.  Stay strong and persistent and your dream will come true and you will see that it is the greatest blessing any person could receive.


Types of Adoption

Adoptive Parent(s)

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  • Age and Experience: Applicants must be 21 years old or older.  The age and experience level of  each applicant is considered based on the needs of the type of child you are looking for.
  •  Education: Applicants must have at least a high school diploma or GED and be willing and able to communicate effectively within the context or any given situation as it relates to the care of the child(ren).
  • Marriage: Applicants must have a stable marriage and shall have been married for at least three years for the first marriages and 5 years for a second marriage.
  • Single Parents: Child Placement accepts single applicants through our adoption program however they must meet all the same qualification as other applicants.
  • Religion: Applicants whose religion prevents a child from receiving medical care are not accepted.

  • Health: Applicants, other household members, and employees on foster/adopt family homes must be tested for TB (tuberculosis) before having contact with children in care and yearly thereafter.
  • Background Checks: Each applicant and any other person living in the house over the age of 14, more than 50% of the time, are subject to a CANRIS and a criminal record check completed through the appropriate governing entity.  Credit checks are submitted to indicate financial stability.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a home study? When should we start the home study process? What is the cost of a home study?

The home study is a written report of the evidenced based findings of an Adoption worker who has met with the applicants. Topics that are discussed and documented are your childhood, education, employment history, home history, criminal backgrounds, medical history, abuse history, citizenship, relationships, religion, references and etc. This occurs in two different visits, one meeting will occur in the applicant's home and the other will be in our agency. Other people living in the home will be interviewed. The adoption evaluation is provided to the courts, and helps to determine if a stable environment exists for an adoptive placement.

Do you get any medical or background information on the birth Mother?

Child Placement Center makes every effort to retrieve as much genetic health history or background information on the birth parents and their immediate families pass their information on to the Adoptive parents.  This information is passed on to the Adoptive Parents. 

How does adopting through an agency compare to adopting through an attorney?

Licensed adoption agencies are able to provide more services to adoptive parents and birthparents throughout the lifetime of the adoptive placement. Individuals that are Not-Licensed and are involved in the adoption process could be committing a crime in Texas. Those same individuals providing a birthmother with financial assistance can be committing a felony. In sum, licensed agencies will a major part of all of the work on your behalf and on private/attorney adoptions you will be responsible for doing all of the work yourself. Lastly, in most cases there is less financial and emotional risk for the adoptive couples when adopting through a licensed agency.

How do we get started?

You will need to contact our agency for an Inquiry Form and a Pre-Application.  Once you have returned those two documents to our agency, our Executive Director and Director will review your information.  Once they have reviewed your information they will then contact you on the following steps.  After approval, you are required to submit necessary supporting documentation needed in order to complete your home study.  Those applicants who have previously completed a adoption evaluation will be required to submit their home study to this agency.  The application may request documentation which has already been obtained by your home agency for the original adoption evaluation. It is NOT necessary to redo these materials. You may use the forms completed for your agency by requesting your agency to release all necessary documents to our office.