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Sharon Van Ry

Director of Adoption Services, M.A., LPC, BSW –  Hi, I’m Sharon Van Ry and take pride in serving as the Director of Adoption Services with Child Placement Center.  I have been with Child Placement Center for over 17 years.  I am a Licensed Child Placing Agency Administrator, Professional Counselor/Adoption Worker and work closely with birth parents and adoptive parents.  I can honestly say without a doubt that this is the most rewarding job one could ever have, and truly feel blessed to be a part of the amazing miracles that are created through adoption.  My passion derived by my very own adoption experience.  Although I didn’t grow in my adoptive mother’s womb, I grew in her heart and was chosen!  I have the deepest respect and admiration for those that choose adoption. s_vanry@childplacementcenter.org .

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1201 S W S Young Drive Suite F Killeen, TX 76543
Office: 254-690-5959 Fax: 254-699-7057 

​​24 Hour Toll Free Hotline: 1-800-348-2929

Fulfilling Lives… One Heart At A Time

Suzy Lackmeyer 

Executive Director, LBSW-IPR, MS, BCPC, PACE, Trained Mediator – Hello, I’m Suzy Lackmeyer and proudly serve as the Executive Director of Child Placement Center.  With over 35 years of adoption experience, my career has been driven by a passion for enriching the lives and bringing birth parents and adoptive parents together to form as everlasting adoption triad.  I founded Child Placement Center in 1980 with the goal of bringing as many families together through adoption as possible.  I not only have a professional and dedicated staff, but also have a loving family including my supportive husband, and two talented sons, as well as a daughter who came to our family through adoption.  I am a believer and advocate of adoption and truly believe adoption is a loving option!  suzylackmeyer@me.com